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The Writing Software.Guru can help you

Word processing software may feel like a maze – it’s menus and indecipherable little icons preventing you from getting to your novel.

I can help.

I demystify the tools and show you, not how to write, but HOW to write.

My name is John Gwinner.

Your novel is in a maze
Open the door

We show you how to avoid wandering in the maze

Word's Ribbon

Can be confusing - you just want to get to your novel

About the Writing Software Guru

I have been using Software to write with as long as the PC has been around. I’ve converted the Marine Corps to modern PC word processing software, installed “Groupware” to the Marine Corps Reserves, spoken professionally to the Gouverneur Chamber of Commerce for business literacy, and converted over 400 corporations to using Oracle Enterprise software.

Easy and Simple Technology Services for Writers

John Gwinner has provided technology services to grunts and executives, geeks and fashionistas. He can help you with any writing technology.

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Big Story Writers Convention

February 20th, 2015|

I'm speaking Feb 20th at the West Coast Writers convention. Hope to see you all there! I will be posting links to the books [...]

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